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Apex, NC

Private Client

Located on a lot in an established neighborhood, walkable to the historic downtown, BoDean's owners charged the design team with creating not only their forever home for this blended family, but also that the home create the feeling that the owner's childhood blanket gave of safety, security and a warm hug, not easy to create in a home that is to embrace a large blended family with five children, parents and two grandmothers.

Every space in the home was created with a story of what the space was to do and they were arranged so that when bustling with twenty guests there is space but when it's just the parents it doesn't feel empty. There are a collection of grand spaces and intimate retreats that create the feeling of casual comfort this home boasts.

Designed to not overwhelm the existing streetscape the home opens to the rear where it's wings embrace the outdoor living areas. Each bedroom suite has access to outdoor space, and the centerpiece of the home, the great hall opens to an expansive covered outdoor living space with a twenty-four foot stacking glass wall.

BoDean embraces the owners and creates the welcoming environment that they sought.

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